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Rosemarie (Rosey) Ott, MA, CCC-SLP is an experienced speech language pathologist whose passion for play based therapy fuels her successful private practice in NYC and the Hudson Valley.  After graduating from Queens College with her masters in speech-language pathology, Rosey worked with children in District 75 (of the New York City Department of Education,) private clinics and the Early Intervention Program.  Although she has experience working with children of all ages, Rosey specializes in facilitating language comprehension and production, play, and oral motor planning in young children ages 0-5.   Her dedication to her clients and their families are bolstered by her contribution to clinical research and remaining up-to-date in research-based methodologies. Furthermore, she is a certified practitioner of the DIR-FCD model. The Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-Based Model of Intervention (DIR) provides a developmental framework for interdisciplinary assessment and intervention for autism spectrum and related disorders. It is a comprehensive foundation model that utilizes affect-based interactions and experiences tailored to individual needs to promote development. Learn more about DIR-FCD therapy here.




My son had Rosey as an SLP from the time he was 2 until 3 years old. Rosey was dedicated and engaging with my son, who flourished under Rosey’s skilled guidance and energetic nature. By the end of his time with Rosey, my son was a conversationalist. He also spent over an hour decorating his final thank you card to Rosey, making sure it was perfect. He just loved her throughout the year and was sad to be finished with his speech therapy.



Rosey is an amazing speech language therapist! Our son loves her and quickly made progress because of Rosey's extensive clinical knowledge and personable relationships with all of her kids.  Rosey helped us navigating preschool placements that would be best for our son and later kindergarten. She attended meetings to advocate for him and stayed in contact with our team (OT, PT, teachers etc) to carry out consistent care.  We are so grateful for her and would recommend to anyone.



Rosey is a wonderful, smart and insightful SLP. She began working with our daughter and helped to alleviate our worries during a very stressful time as our daughter was not meeting her developmental milestones. Rosey was open and engaging from day one , provided us with resources and support and helped to guide us and our daughter through her pervasive delays. Her ability and willingness to see us at home and later at or daughters preschool was truly a relief. We would highly recommend to any family searching for an extremely well qualified therapist who truly loves her clients.



Rosey Ott is an amazing speech and feeding therapist. She saw our son when he was 2 years old and said very few words – under 10 words. By the time she finished as his therapist he was talking. Almost 2 years later and we cannot stop him from talking. As parents you are concerned when your child doesn’t reach milestones like other kids his age. Having Rosey work with our son put us at ease. She had lots of patience with our son and had great tools to help with his speech. She was very communicative with us and gave us ways to work with our son on our own.  Her progress reports were very informative. Our son enjoyed his time with her. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking to work with a speech and feeding therapist.



Rosey was warm and engaging and immediately bonded with my two year old son even though he was often shy and reluctant to interact with strangers.  She was immediately playing on the floor with him and inventing games that would encourage him to speak and communicate, meeting him at his verbal level (which at that time was encouraging him to make simple sounds, as he was not yet able to speak words). By the end of her six months working with him, he had made such strides it was almost difficult for us to believe he had come so far in such a short time. Her visits each week were always something that my son looked forward to. 



Rosey helped our daughter with both language and feeding therapy. She is a diligent and dedicated therapist. She is accommodating with our daughters busy schedule , provides thorough written reports and fully explains her treatment so we can carry through at home. She is a wonderful speech and language therapist and child would be lucky to have.



Working with Rosey  was such a wonderful experience. She was readily able to engage our very active two year old with her bright, joyous, engaging personality. She was punctual, reliable, organized, responsive and always collaborative. We consider ourselves extremely lucky for having found Rosey. She has filled our house with so much joy and laughter by giving our son the words he needed to express his very definitive point of view

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