September 17, 2019

What’s in my therapy bag?
Well I guess the better question is “what ISN’T in my therapy bag? 

The answer: “toys!”

Surprised? Most people are.

There is often a misconception that homecare therapists will bring the magical toy or activity that will provide that missing piece...

December 10, 2018

As the holidays are approaching, the most popular question I get from parents is:

“What toys should we be getting to help with our child's speech and language development?”

I love getting this question. It shows me that these parents understand the importance of play for...

August 28, 2018

Help you and your family transition back to school.

Hi again!

As the month of May and Better Speech and Hearing Month are coming to an end (umm, hello summer!) I’d like to introduce the theme for We Say Play’s second blog post ( hint: I love it SO much that it is the inspiration and number one "must do" for my private pr...