The one thing you’ll never find in my therapy bag

What’s in my therapy bag? Well I guess the better question is “what ISN’T in my therapy bag? 

The answer: “toys!”

Surprised? Most people are. There is often a misconception that homecare therapists will bring the magical toy or activity that will provide that missing piece to get your child talking. And sure, there are lots of great toys and arts & crafts that can be brought in a bag, but the problem? They will only be there for those 1-2 hours per week, taking away the opportunity for caregivers to engage in the activities when the therapist leaves. Why is this important? Because parents are our best therapists! Our job as therapists is to not only engage with our client but to empower the whole family to help facilitate their little one’s speech, language and play development. If a therapist brings a very specific activity (think: laminated matching game or ‘wh’ flash cards), it is creating a situation that isolates the therapeutic experience from the family rather than engaging them. As an experienced home-care clinician, I make the most of what the family already has in their environment. I’ve worked in a completely bare room, a living room that resembles toys ‘R’ us and everything in between! My goal is for family and caregivers to learn how they can model language appropriately, ask less questions, meet their child where they are developmentally and use affect-based learning to help their children grow. It’s not easy, but the catch? It can be done anywhere, anytime and with any toy…or not:) Interested in learning more? Contact We Say Play at  

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