Gestures: 16 by 16 months

I love this graphic from 16x16πŸ‘πŸΌDid you know that by 16 months your child should be using 16 gestures? The use of gestures from 9 months-16 months is indicative of language ability at 2 years old! ✨While the exact age and gesture on this graphic may vary, the general idea is to make note of and encourage your child’s gesture use πŸ‘πŸΌGestures are early symbols, proof your baby understands that an action represents an idea ☝🏼 The lack of gestures such as pointing and reaching could be early red flags for language disorders! The earlier you know, the earlier you can receive intervention🚩 #wesayplaytips #wesayplay #speechblogger #nycmoms #nyckids #brooklynkids #asd #floortime #play #languagedevelopment #childdevelopment

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