How to Ask the Right Questions

Blanks Levels of Questioning is a useful tool to help parents and professionals alike understand what kinds of questions they're children can understand and when.

The graph above shows us how children's ability to answer questions develop from concrete (things they can see, touch and hear) to abstract (reasoning, hypothesizing, comparing, solving).

It's helpful for us to understand what to expect of our children developmentally so we can help support them appropriately.

For example, do you have a 5 year old who is unable to tell you about their day at school? Give them something to look at to help them along such as a typical daily schedule, people they've seen and places they've gone.

Reading a book with your three year old? Ask questions such as "what is that?", "where are they?" Rather than "what do you think will happen next?"

Therapists can use Blanks Levels of Questioning as a piece of the overall treatment plan. Where is the child right now? For example, you have a four year old who currently only "matches perception" so that's where you begin with your goal being "selective analysis " and beyond. Have questions about questions? Leave them here!





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