Language is Not Taught

Parents and therapists often ask about types of activities they should do or games they should play with their kids who have language delays.

The majority of the time, there isn’t a board game, flash card or whistle that will be the golden ticket to language!

Therapy is much less about about the “what” and more about the “how”.

How can we make changes with our own communication, language modeling, facial cues, gestures and availability within every interaction to help facilitate language development? When you take this approach, therapy will look different, not only day to day but hour to hour with the same child. Isn’t that more fun than a board game?

In fact, best practice for Early Intervention Therapy (0-3) is incorporating strategies that are embedded in the child’s daily life.

Our job as speech-language pathologists is to help parents turn every day routines like bath, meals, play and bedtime into opportunities for support and learning.

At We Say Play, our hope is to empower caregivers and families to be their child’s best therapist. Our work relies heavily on parent coaching.

We want our parents to have a full understanding of language and how it develops so they can best help their child.

Stay tuned for this week’s series which will answer the, not so obvious, question: “What is language?”

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