You're enough

During these scary and unprecedented times, where we find ourselves (and our babies) with zero-little social interaction and feelings that range from anxiety, doubt and fear minute to minute, I've been thinking quite a bit about how this will effect our little ones.

I keep coming back to the phrase "the good enough parent"(originally coined “the good enough mother") by Donald Winnicott in 1953.

❗️Not to be confused with “not good enough"❗️

The “good enough parent” is a concept we learned about in graduate school when discussing the importance of early attachment and relationships for overall development and specifically language development. It basically means that by simply showing up, loving your child, and delighting in them is “good enough”. Your child is getting everything they need by just that simple love, attachment and protection. Furthermore, they even benefit from our own trial and error, when we’re not perfect, when we miss their cue, or allow them to be "bored" and explore on their own. It creates critical thinking, resiliency and creativity.

So for my parents who are running out of Pinterest crafts by 10am, who are having difficulty with structured remote learning, who are feeling overwhelmed by what their new daily schedule “should“ like and are feeling burnt out, remember that you’re “good enough” and that’s all your little one needs 💗

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